Wednesday, January 4, 2017


This last month has brought many endings and new beginnings. We are immensely thankful for each day we had in Haiti, for good conclusions to our work there, and for a warm welcome back to life in the States.

We officially transitioned all of the work in the aquaponics garden over to Nicolas and he is now the greenhouse boss. Nicolas continues to message us with news from the garden. He is doing a great job of critically thinking to solve problems, getting kids involved with daily garden work, and planning for the future of the system.


The nursing students continued to do great work in the lab and had a strong finish to the semester. I (Allison) was grateful to be able to say goodbye to the students at their annual Christmas party… complete with singing, fun games, and lots of laughter.

The massage girls and I were able to welcome Essie back for further training for the girls. They worked very hard, learned more techniques, started chair massages, earned certificates for their accomplishments, and were able to make their first massage income. It was a great week and we are so thankful for Essie’s hard work and commitment to their success. If you ever find yourself on La Gonave, look them up for a wonderfully relaxing massage!

After many hard goodbyes, we took a break for a few days on the mainland and then made our way back to the States. Even though we have been freezing, we had a very warm welcome from friends and family.  Thank you to all of you who have prayed, provided, and been patient with us as we transition back to life in Indiana. Please continue to pray for us as we look for jobs, reconnect with people here, and seek the Lord’s will about how he wants to use us in Indiana and Haiti.

Thank you for following along and supporting us all through this amazing Haitian adventure!!!